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Travel Talk does not only provide excellent value for adventurous travellers, but also strives to exceed expectations through remarkable inclusions and customer services reflected in an enviable 98.9% customer satisfaction in 2013.

GreeceE. Kiehne - AustralianThis trip has been absolutely brilliant. All because of Alex. He was informative, well organised + all round fantastic. Thanks Alex – I’ve done loads of tours, Alex is my number 1 guide!!2014-7-27Tour: Bodrum to Mykonos5
GreeceK. Scott - AustralianGreat week! Had an amazing time. Sad it’s over.2014-7-27Tour: Bodrum to Mykonos5
GreeceM. Hinton - New ZealandWords can’t express what an amazing tour this has been. Travelling with like-minded people to fabulous destinations in top quality accommodation. This was my second Travel Talk tour and I would definitely book again. Alex was the absolute best tour leader. Perfect balance of fun and facts and so kind and caring. Definitely made our group feel like a family! The crew were also incredible – so friendly, helpful and hardworking. Definitely am not ready for this trip to be over!!2014-7-27Tour: Bodrum to Mykonos5
GreeceM. Winslade - New ZealandGreat tour. Boat, crew and guide all amazing.2014-7-27Tour: Bodrum to Mykonos5
GreeceR. Williams - New ZealandFantastic tour guide. Thank you Alex for excellent trip!2014-7-27Tour: Bodrum to Mykonos5
GreeceE. McLean - AustralianGreat service, Great leader, Amazing boat crew, Great time.2014-7-27Tour: Bodrum to Athens5
GreeceA. Whaley - AustralianStandard of tour was very high. Tour leader particularly excellent.2014-7-27Tour: Bodrum to Mykonos5
GreeceA. Matkin - New ZealandVery easy – hassle free, plenty of route options and quality accommodation. We had another fantastic holiday with Travel Talk. There’s always a great group of like-minded people. Alex our tour leader was fun and informative. The crew were so kind and helpful. We were really impressed by the quality of the boat. Good paced trip – lots of down time and group time. Will definitely consider a 4th Travel Talk tour! Thank you!2014-7-27Tour: Bodrum to Mykonos5
GreeceK. Kacsmar - AustralianBasil was a brilliant tour leader. Full of information. Always up for a laugh and great to get along with.2014-7-21Tour: 3 Island Explorer5
GreeceO. Bennett - AustralianBasil and Andrea were the best. Good knowledge of islands and super helpful!2014-7-21Tour: 3 Island Explorer5
GreeceR. Lilly - New Zealand-Fantastic guide, very knowledgeable. -Great crew and food. 2014-7-20Tour: Mykonos to Bodrum5
GreeceL. Taylor + A. Winter - New ZealandExcellent guide/ information given, great group of people, loved the swim stops!2014-7-20Tour: Mykonos to Bodrum5
GreeceJ. Jackson - New ZealandBoat was lovely + well maintained, also very clean. Staff were very friendly, professional + helpful. Food was delicious + very generous. Felt that the staff worked extremely hard to make our trip fun + easy. Would definitely recommend2014-7-20Tour: Mykonos to Bodrum5
GreeceE. Roulston - New ZealandExcellent tour with really good crew. Food was amazing and plenty of opportunities to go off and do our own things. Would definitely recommend this to others.2014-7-20Tour: Mykonos to Bodrum5
GreeceK. Watson - New ZealandBoat was beautiful and very well maintained. Crew & tour leader were excellent, customer service was great, food was delicious at every meal and tour leader very knowledgeable.2014-7-20Tour: Mykonos to Bodrum5
GreeceC. Breeds - BritishVery very pleasantly surprised by the quality of this tour and the knowledge of our tour leader. The crew were also at our back and call the whole time. Amazing tour!! (Thanks!)2014-7-20Tour: Mykonos to Bodrum5
GreeceL. Sealey - New ZealandAlex was a great leader. Very knowledgeable + relaxed – set a good time. Crew were fantastic – great meals, very hard working + friendly.2014-7-20Tour: Mykonos to Bodrum5
GreeceK. Baluch - AustralianGreat people and best travel leader. Basil is an amazing tour leader and would recommend him to everyone and come back to Travel Talk.2014-7-19Tour: Best of Greece5
GreeceS. Kay - New ZealandAwesome time. Great tour leaders.2014-7-19Tour: Athens + 3 Island Explorer5
GreeceM. Robb - New ZealandOur tour guides were awesome – very informative and gave us a great local feeling. Definitely recommend.2014-7-19Tour: Best of Greece5
GreeceB. Hasson - New ZealandOur tour was really topped off by having such a flexible & friendly tour guide. He always made sure everyone knew what was going on and happy. He made a real effort to make sure people of the group got to see what they wanted.2014-7-19Tour: Athens + 3 Island Explorer5
GreeceY. Huseyin - BritishBasil has been a good + fun tour leader – from giving directions to taking us out and helping with Greek menus thank you!2014-7-19Tour: Best of Greece5
GreeceV. Tannous - AustralianFound both tour guides very helpful, they went out of their way each day to ensure everyone was happy + sightseeing.2014-7-19Tour: Athens + 3 Island Explorer5
GreeceP. Shen - USAWell planned tours and great rates. Basil was a great tour leader and I appreciated his attentiveness, professionalism and sense of humour.2014-7-19Tour: Athens + 3 Island Explorer5
GreeceA. Hodder - New ZealandGreat company, well organised. Tour leaders done an outstanding job, great times, beautiful places we visited.2014-7-19Tour: Best of Greece5
GreeceM. Hawkes - IrishVery good tour – value for money. Basil was a brilliant tour leader. Everyone had a great time.2014-7-19Tour: Athens + 3 Island Explorer5

Quality Does Matter

Travel Talk does not only provide excellent value for adventurous travellers, but also strives to exceed expectations through remarkable inclusions and customer services reflected in an enviable 99,12% customer satisfaction in 2011. We are proud to be UK's Leading Adventure Tour Operator for the Mediterranean and well respected and recommended for all offered destinations, perfected with 10 years experience. This has been achieved through affordable tours with quality accommodation, transportation and sightseeing services combined with the enjoyment of local atmospheres and traditions of the destinations.

Guest satisfaction comes first!

How do we manage to sell our tours at such affordable prices and keep the level of our services so high? The answer is simple : We put more value and take less profit. That's our company policy since the day we'd started.

Brief result of traveller surveys.

Please find below the result of traveller surveys carried out amongst all guests in 2011.

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Would you recommend Travel Talk to other travellers?

Would you recommend Travel Talk to other travellers?

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Would you recommend Travel Talk to other travellers?

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